For a believer, performing Umrah holds great spiritual significance. Though umrah performance isn’t obligatory for Muslims, the bounties it holds for the pilgrim are unparalleled. That’s why Muslims possess the same passion for Umrah as they do for Hajj. However, managing your travel to the holy land isn’t easy as it requires all the arrangements of any other foreign trip. From the visa procedure to the hotel bookings, one has to take care of everything. Considering the need for it, many certified travel agents offer infinitely many numbers of Cheap Hajj and Umrah Packages as well as VIP ones.

Here’s what a VIP Umrah Package offers.

Luxury Accommodation.

Since you’re away from your home and devoting most of the time to Ibadah, you must have comfy accommodation to relax. A place where not only privacy is guaranteed but also you can have access to quality services available in-house. When hiring a VIP Umrah package, you must not worry about it at all. Therefore, the hotel must remain close to the Haramain whether you are staying in Makkah or Madinah. In addition, the accommodation offered in a VIP Umrah package also offers its residents plenty of amenities and free services.

Roundtrip Airfare.

With a VIP Umrah package, clients are offered a diversity of airline operators to choose from. The roundtrip is not only insured but also offers the flexibility of time. Thus, providing ease for customers. Despite, the pilgrims can also choose from direct flights as well as connecting ones; whatever best suits their needs.

Quality Transportation.

While in the kingdom, pilgrims having a VIP Umrah package get offered quality transportation services. Whether you are traveling inter-city, locally or need a private car for your daily use; you can have it all pre-booked for your convenience. With a secured operating environment, modern-day facilities, licensed drivers, and insured travel routes, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Religious Guidance.

For the proper information on the rituals of Umrah as well as religious guidance for Ziyarath, a VIP Umrah Package includes the facility of an Imam. The best-experienced scholars deliver their speech/messages in different languages for your convenience and easy understanding.

Visa Processing.

Through a VIP Umrah package, visa processing must not be your hassle. Once you’ve provided your travel agent with the credentials; it’s his/her duty to take care of the rest. From the application submission to visa approval, everything must be looked after by your travel agent.

Special arrangements.

If you are traveling with elderly people, children, or differently-abled persons, it’s better that you make your travel agent aware of it. So that any special arrangements can be made in-time.

To conclude, a VIP Umrah package is a little expensive than the economy ones but worth the extra money for the quality of travel ease it offers