Business branding and image is one of the most powerful and profitable elements of digital marketing strategy that you can achieve for your business. A strong brand is a reason people trust one brand over the other.

Big tech companies like Apple invest a big budget in their digital branding and image. Research shows the power of branding and how something is presented, packaged, and delivered to a customer leads to higher customer satisfaction with the product or service and customer retention.

Digital Branding

Digital branding is how you showcase your business or your brand online through your website, apps, social media, video, or logo. To develop a consistent digital branding image for your business, you have to use a digital marketing agency to develop your brand online across multiple channels.

Marketing Strategy

Surveys indicate customers pay up to five times more for higher satisfaction. A digital brand is a valuable asset for any business to build, which will increase Return on Investment (ROI) from your marketing investment. For a successful digital marketing strategy, you should consider the big marketing picture. This includes what your business products and services are, what makes the business stand out, unique and special, who is the target market, and the people who will be the potential customers.

Marketing is about delivering the right message to the target audience. Businesses need to go over the right message and which platforms would be the best to present their message. At the same time, the marketing message should map out an entire marketing funnel or customer journey to help clients make the buying decisions seamless and enjoyable.

It is crucial to the way that you present your message and how it impacts our target audience. When you run a campaign online and you want to build your digital branding, think about what kind of ads you will be running and how you will get the eyeballs to notice you. A personal story about your life experiences is an excellent way to get customers’ attention and build trust in your business.

Strong brand

Some of the biggest brands in the market have the biggest loyalty and following. To build a strong brand we can look at the marketing strategies of big brands like McDonald’s, Ikea, or Samsung. These brands have a very high loyal user base.

Brian Wansink Ph.D. did a study where he gave people a brownie but he delivered it to them on one of three different sorts of serving methods. The first group got a brownie on a napkin. The second group got a brownie on a paper plate. The third group got a brownie on a piece of very high-quality fine China.

The brownie in this experiment is the same, just different delivery methods. The group that got the brownie on the napkin responded saying this is a really good brownie. The group that was delivered the brownie on a paper plate said wow this is a really good brownie. But the third group that was delivered the brownie on fine China, appreciated it the most and reported it was one of the best brownies they had.

This experiment shows that provide a good user experience leads to a stronger reaction from customers. Some of the biggest brands in the market provide very high customer service or user experience with very high-quality products.

Digital Branding Experience

So how can you use your marketing to develop your online brand and implement a perfect marketing strategy which concentrates on your business? In other words, ROI (return on investing). How do businesses come up with a marketing strategy that will provide them with the highest return on investment?

According to research, three key elements can make your digital branding powerful.

User Experience

The first element is customer confidence in user experience. The reason people tend to choose well-known brands is that most people are risk-averse, meaning they would like to purchase with the least likelihood of it being a bad experience. They would rather buy something they know and are confident and potentially have an amazing experience with compared to the risk that it doesn’t go so well.

Social Acceptance

The second brand factor for businesses is Social Acceptance. For us to understand the true power of a brand we need to look no further than Renee Gerard. His theory of desire says we as humans don’t know what we want so we look around to find other people to help us make our decisions. Doing the same as others is a trait developed over generations.

It’s kept us alive; it’s kept us safe as part of community or part of the tribe and avoided us from going alone in the jungle, starving to death, getting eaten by woolly mammoths or tigers. Powerful brands understand how powerful social acceptance is and they make customers feel like part of the tribe or part of their community by purchasing into the identity of their brand.

Identity confirmation

Does your brand have an identity? Being a powerful brand is not as simple as just selling products and making a profit. Big brands now have strong identities and values they support. Whether it’s black lives matter (BLM), gender equality, or climate change, customers expect the brands to take a stand for social values. Does your brand stand for something? Is your business inspiration for others?

Brand social values are a powerful factor to make the customers feel better, faster, stronger, or personality attributes we associate with that brand. The psychological term known as En-clothed Cognition means when we wear certain clothes with a symbolic meaning behind them, we adopt the traits, behaviors, and attitudes of the clothes. Customers support the brands and their values by buying their products and services.

Building Strong Digital Branding

User experience, social acceptance, and identity confirmation are some of the ingredients for strong branding. Implementing these factors in a digital marketing strategy will only help you create a strong digital brand. Start by providing an amazing user experience on your website. To go along with your website have an app people can download from the app store. This adds to the user experience.

When it comes to social acceptance, make sure you have a strong content creation focus for social media following. Talk to influencers on Instagram, Facebook and advertise on big social media platforms that can help increase your business visibility. This will help you build loyal followers on social media channels. Keep posting digital content online about your business daily.

Big businesses are now taking a strong stance on sociological issues like global warming, user privacy, and racism. It is crucial to align your marketing strategy and digital branding about social issues that affect your clients. Your digital image is how you will be perceived by your clients. Think of the way you want your business or digital brand to be perceived and this is the message you should be sending out to the world.


Digital Marketing comprises many channels to build your powerful branding. Digital branding is not a short-term strategy and takes time to build. To build their strong brand businesses must include their social standing in their digital marketing which will define how they want to be noticed by their clients. Running commercial ads with special offers and discounts does not satisfy customers anymore and does not build a strong digital branding image.