When buying gifts for children, it can be hard to know what to choose. Celebrations bring with them so many presents and no one wants to give duplicates or for their gift to be unwanted. Educational gifts are a brilliant way to help children develop and they don’t have to be boring. Not only will you be giving a present, you are also helping develop and hone skills which will benefit them both now and in the future. What could be better? If you are looking for the perfect present for a child in your life, these gift ideas could be just what you are looking for!

Babies (Under Two)

Young babies respond to sensory stimulation so any toys with sounds and lights will be a hit with this age group (although maybe not so popular with their parents!) If you are buying for a newborn baby, consider black and white picture cards and books which are great for brain development and helping children focus. No child is too young for books, with even the smallest of children benefiting from being read to, so if in doubt, a gift card for a bookstore is a perfectly acceptable option and means there’s no fear of giving a book they already have.


Pre-schoolers learn through experience and hands-on activity which is why toys like playdough are great for this age group. As well as the tactile dough there are many add-ons to extend play that will link to their interests, so if they are dinosaur crazy, why not give them some shaped cookie cutters to develop their hand-eye coordination? Or for budding bakers, silicone cupcake cases are a fun accessory. Water play is also popular so a water tray with jugs and funnels can provide hours of fun as well as teach children the basic skills for pouring and measuring. If you don’t want to give a physical gift, a day out to a farm, zoo, circus, or play center can be a wonderful way to help them learn as well as provide an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Under 8s

Children in this age group love cause and effect and are fascinated by science, so traditional chemistry sets can be a popular choice. Other fun activities include sea monkeys, grass heads, and grow your own crystal kits. Everyone knows this is an age where children love to move, so roller skates, scooters and skateboards could well be a winning choice and will help improve the child in your life’s balance and spatial awareness. Vouchers for museums with hands-on exhibitions are suitable for this age as are tickets to an age-appropriate show. Musicals can be a good introduction to the theatre, especially if they are already familiar with the story being told – Matilda is a perfect example of an entertaining and engaging show for this age group.

Middle Graders

In our current society, middle grades are when children become particularly technology-focused. Whether this is through games consoles, television or cell phones, the likelihood is the child you are looking to buy for will be interested in tech. If you know they are interested in online gaming or enjoy using a laptop, there is a wide variety of kids’ computer accessories on the market that will be sure to enhance their engagement and help them develop skills which will help them in the classroom as well as in their gaming. Sports fans will appreciate tickets to watch their favorite team or help them discover a new sport by gifting a trip to watch a game they haven’t seen before.

High Schoolers

The interest in technology continues for kids as they move through high school. If they have specific interests such as World of Warcraft it can be worth finding out if there are accessories you can provide such as gaming keyboards that will enhance their gaming experience. Although it can feel like all teenagers do is sit in front of a screen, it is important to remember that much communication and many jobs are now carried out via technology.

Being tech-savvy is important, so if you can nurture their interest towards transferable skills that will help them through college and in their future career, the time they spend online now is not being wasted. Once they are old enough to drive it is likely that lessons (and beyond that a vehicle of their own) will be on their wish list. Learning to drive will open up opportunities and give teenagers the independence and freedom they crave and although lessons are costly, as a skill that will last all their life, they can be a great value present in the long run.

Don’t let gifting get you down – take time to consider what you want the child to gain from your gift and you will find it easy to choose a present that will be truly appreciated.